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New problems need new solutions
A society more concerned with the environment, greater health care, or the need to incorporate more sustainable production systems are just some of the motivations for the construction of comprehensive solutions for the production of agricultural products in the 21st century.
From Ethical Farm Box we offer our clients the knowledge of years of work with alternative cultivation systems and crops
Tell us your needs and we will provide you  a solution
Maritime containers adapted to customer needs.
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Grow Systems

From hydroponics to aeroponics, through aquaponic developments. Unique structures for different crops



LED, CMH, HPS. The best technology and spectrum for your favorite crop. Adapt the lighting to your resources and needs

Solar Powered

Use photovoltaic solar technology to increase the sustainability of your crops and reduce the electricity bill

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High Quality crops

Without the use of pesticides and with a controlled environment. Total control. Produce according to your needs.




The use of advanced agricultural systems allows for greater control over the final product. Simple pest control that significantly reduces the use of pesticides


The increased use of new farming systems has led to a significant reduction in implementation costs. Less time with more avaliable crops to get profit


Less use of pesticides, no soil contamination, less environmental impact, smaller farms, less use of heavy agricultural machinery …


The incorporation of sensors and new technologies in agriculture will allow us to control all expenses more efficiently, with greater traceability

Opportunity for us and our animals

Systems for humans and animal nutrition. Increase the quality of meat and milk with the use of hydroponic forages

Our Partners

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If you have a great idea. Whether it is a small or big project, we will listen first and get back to you with a plan. 

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